ZWOW Week 2

ZWOW week 2 has come and gone, but unlike this lockdown most of us are in we will always be here for you no matter what the weather or situation!
For all the newcomers this week thank you for taking part and I hope you enjoyed it as much as we love setting this up and seeing your result some in.

The results will be posted later today, so the waiting games begin… did you PR any of the disciplines? did you give it all you had or could you of pushed a little more to go one place higher? the only way to rectify this is to come back this week for the ZWOW or DZRS and make every second count!


Seeing the return of athletes is a great indicator that we are doing something right at the ZGAMES, Whether it is for the social aspect or to add this into a training plan we hope we can be a needed change from what is happening around the world right now.
Now one person right now stands out to me as the reason why we keep coming back every week.
Ann Sloan has been a solid supported from the start of the DZRS and has been consistently coming back week in week out.
So I think it’s right to give her a special mention in what she has done and what she is continuing to do for herself and others.


Having the chance to speak to Ann last week gave me a good insight into Ann and what she has achieved when it comes to the multi-discipline sports scene.
Anyone will agree with me here in saying that anyone who gets to the finish line and hears those words over the tannoy “you are an ironman” is something that will stay with you for the rest of your life.
Ann has had those words said to her 11 times! not only that, she has done all 11 within a 10 year period, that right there is a massive achievement and that shows a true athlete to turn up that many times and get over the finish line is a massive accomplishment.


Ann finds Zwift a safe place to train when it comes to the bike, Some of us have the struggles of heavy traffic, erratic driving that can dent your confidence on the roads. And we all want to come home safely but also train at the levels you need to carry on with training plans or overall health.
Ann has been on Zwift for 2 and a half years and within that time has been a leader for the women’s Zwift community taking riding events, brick events with the full support of Zwift recognizing her as a true advocate of what zwift has to offer.


Whether you are in the same group as Ann on the bike part of the DZRS.
You get to know she is there for everyone for one small favor… GET ME TO RUN 2 IN TIME!.
You can catch her on her discord channel
The bike is a challenge for all of us for sure so working as a community can help all achieve that cut off time and be ready for Run 2 knowing you worked as a team.
Also one fact I found was a testament to how much Ann is pushing, she is now seen to be doing all 3 events in a week! so the 2 ZWOW triathlons and the DZRS event also. just wow! or shall we say ZWOW!
Before the ZWOW triathlon’s Ann had never rowed before. Her husband’s rower then became her rower (of course).
There is no stopping Ann as we all know she is what this is all about, working together and pushing through together.


The way we have designed the ZGAMES is to push yourself mentally and physically week in week out and compete against YOU.
Whether you run a 5km in 15 mins or 55mins it is still 5km more than the person sat down thinking about running 5k.
It’s nice to PR every now and then, But we have one mission at ZGAMES , to get as many people as possible enjoying the community we are growing, come back for more and spread the world. and most importantly HAVE FUN!

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask on our dedicated Facebook groups:
Zwift Duathlon
Zwift Triathlon

Once again thank you for taking part and spreading the word of the ZWOW and DZRS it would be possible without everyone that turns up whether you are a newcomer and becoming a veteran to the series.

Have a great week, stay safe, and keep Zwifitng!