ZWOW “may the watts be in your favor”

ZWOW was officially a wow from me, A great way to mix it up on a Wednesday to keep me focused on my training!

What’s best is that you can fit it into your day, with 3 kids at home I can get this done within the 24-hour window for Wednesday and a full 2 days over the weekend! what more of a reason do you need to get involved in this event that is growing in popularity? From the duathlon series that happens every Saturday and Sunday, It has now evolved with the option of Z games ZWOW.

Motivation can be hard at a time where most of us out there have absolutely no idea when we may race again in the non-virtual world so all that preparation, planning your training building up to the first race of the season could be a complete waste… Or maybe not ???

I love to train on Zwift as it gives me the opportunity to mix my busy family schedule with fitting in my training to keep me ticking over as I can easily drop back into a lifestyle of not training. this weekend on the ZWOW duathlon on Sunday I was joined by my youngest daughter for pretty much most of this, could I do this if I was outside running or cycling.. of course not! this is why it works for me

Every time I race on the duathlon series there is such a great mix of athletes whether they are new to the sport or as I have seen in the past week’s professional athletes and world record holders in their disciplines, this really is exciting to see and race against giving everyone a good boost to push more and more importantly keep coming back.

So this week I decided to do all 3 duathlons, The ZWOW on Wednesday was tough, doing the bike leg on a TT and not having the comfort of a group to share the pace with was a shock to the system, as in the past I had raced mainly in draft legal races in Barcelona so I really enjoy the pack on the bike leg. I pushed on the bike and kept to my pace on both runs and came in 2nd overall so not bad for my first attempt. I will add only 7 took part so when the numbers grow I am sure I will slip down that leader board.

Saturday as every Saturday I took my place for the starting line of the duathlon series. starts at 0820 GMT so perfect for me to get this done at the start of the day. For the first time since doing the duathlon series I entered the A group for Run 1 as last week I received a 2 minute penalty for being too fast for group B probably the only time I was happy to get a speeding penalty !!! The runners in group A have some serious legs I was shocked at their pace compared to mine, but this has just given me more encouragement to get faster to hopefully catch them in the near future!.

The bike for me is in the B group as Per my Zwift power rating, A very strong group of around 12 riders formed at the front and we pushed hard all the way around. I went for a break on lap 9 of 10 followed by 1 other rider. we took 10 seconds out of the rest group but with only 2 of us and the other bunch having a double draft, they soon get back on our rear wheel.. there is always next week to try again!

Run 2 is the 5km run so my legs really feel every single millimeter on this one (no exaggeration ). the A group for run 2 is not regulated so anyone can run in whatever category in Run 2 but I go for A always on this if I have time from the bike leg and the kids are behaving themselves. once again some seriously fast runners from the start so naturally I paced myself a bit faster to keep in the mix with the runners. it worked for sure I finished the 5K in 21:19 so that is an improvement and moving me closer to getting sub 20 mins 5k again.

Sunday was my second ZWOW of the week! this was how far you can run or bike in a specific time.
Run 1 – 25mins to run as far as you can, on zwift or outside (as long as synced with Strava)
Bike leg – as far you can ride in 45 mins on the Richmond Fan flats route on a TT bike.
Run 2 – As far as you can run in 15 mins the same rules as run 1.

My legs were already tired after completing the 2 duathlons and every time I pushed myself as always. Being a military veteran I cannot help but think about all my fellow comrades around the world who cannot run or even walk so what is my excuse to not try!

Run 1 – As far as you can run in 15 minutes.
Bike leg as much you can ride in 45 minutes.
Run 2 – as far as you can in 15 mins.

To reflect on a week of 3 duathlons getting stronger and faster is proof that I am benefitting from this amazing experience, we can choose this time of isolation to really reflect on ourselves as individuals and as a complete unit. no matter where you are in the world when we meet in Zwift to race we are together as one group of individuals for that time only nothing else matters.
come and join the community that is growing by the hour and if you have any questions at all head over to the Facebook groups and you will be sure to find someone who will be happy to help.

Stay safe and keep on Zwifting!