ZWOW has officially completed its first week with great success!
The number of entries increased more than expected so thank you to all who took on the challenge and I hope you will be back for more!

Lets iron out a few questions that have been asked and help the newcomers with any hurdles they might be facing:

Do I have to join an event to carry out the ZWOW event?

Not for the ZWOW, All you need to do is run the distance or time on Zwift or outside.
Row or bike the specified route that will go live the day before the ZWOW that takes place on a Wednesday or weekend (WOW).

How do I upload my results for the ZWOW?

All results are uploaded via the website, follow the link to the duathlon or triathlon results link. The important points to remember is that you can only add your results by sharing your Zwiftpower profile link & all activities must be uploaded by Strava only, Not any other platform, for example, Garmin/Polar, etc.
Your Strava profile or activities must be public otherwise they will not be processed on the final results page.

When are the results published?

The results are usually published within 24 hours from the deadline time. As long as all results are received in the correct format this will speed up this process. Help the team by getting the right information over to us correctly.

Are the Duathlon Zwift Race Series (DZRS) and ZWOW the same?

The DZRS is a weekly event that you have to enter via the events page on Zwift or the Zwift Companion App(ZCA) unfortunately Zwift does not support multi-discipline events, so you have to enter each race individually Run1/Bike leg/Run 2.
As this is an event on Zwift you do not need to share your Strava results or Zwiftpower profile.
The results will be processed by the team at so no need to worry just enjoy the race and come back to check on the results and to of course race again!

Example of Run 1 on the Zwift Companion App
Example of the bike leg on the Zwift Companion App
Example of Run 2 on the Zwift Companion App.

If you have any further questions do not hesitate to ask on our dedicated Facebook groups:
Zwift Duathlon
Zwift Triathlon

Once again thank you for taking part and spreading the word of the ZWOW and DZRS it would be possible without everyone that turns up whether you are a newcomer and becoming a veteran to the series.

Have a great week, stay safe and keep Zwifitng!