Zwift Events for 15th and 16th of February and some changes & improvements

Zwift events for the second weekend are available!

Head over to Race Calendar page to see them with direct links to the Zwift events page(s)!

So what’s new, what changed?

Transition times are now fixed for everyone.
Run 1 => Bike, +2 mins for everyone
Bike => Run 2, +2 mins for everyone

RUN 1 Categories
Run 1 categories are now enforced. This won’t result in a DQ, but with an additional time penalty of +2 mins for each category for which you should have actually signed up for.

14.0 kph+
12.0-13.99 kph
10.0-11.99 kph
8 – 9.99 kph

You can run in a higher category with slower speed, but that is a risk
you take for missing the Bike part of the race!

For more easier Run 1 category choice we prepared a sheet with time, speed and pace calculations:

Starting times for Run 1 have changed, to accommodate T1, as some had tech issues and unforeseen events like locked sheds and diaper changes.

+ 12 minutes
+ 7 minutes
+ 2 minutes
+ 0 minutes