As a lot of you will know who was here at the start of the ZGAMES and the DZRS, we are committed to keeping the movement going.
The DZRS is here every weekend as always and will stay that way forever!
But the ZGAMES will be on hold until….. September!

We have always had the plan to keep the ZGAMES for the Autumn/Winter months but due to lockdown, we introduced it earlier to give everyone something to look forward to and a way of keeping active when we were facing unprecedented times!

For me personally right now I am down to just the treadmill so its no duathlon for me at the moment, A new business launch means I will have to wait to replace it.
Feel free to arrange meet-ups between the groups on the page as I know a lot of you have built up some good relationships over the zwift platform and I hope this continues to grow.

The amount of followers is great to see and I hope that we continue to grow over the rest of this year.

Keep safe and thank you for your support.