Z Games ZWOW Results for April 15th, 2020

Congratulations to all participants of the first Z Games ZWOW event!

Duathlon was complete for time and here are the results.
Update April 17th, 2020: update results to reflect times from Jacques Human.

Triathlon was complete for distance.

As Triathlon had Complete for Distance format, this, of course, brought up an issue (by some) how the results are prepared.
Summing up the distances doesn’t work, as the differences in the Rowing part are small and therefore, it doesn’t work.
The decision was made for the Complete for Distance results are done by event placement, summed together as points.
The least amount of points wins, next gets 2nd place, then 3rd.
This way, you have to give it your best in all 3 disciplines, so it’s worth falling off your rower/bike/treadmill when you went all in!