Z Games ZWOW for June/July & August.

Next ZWOW of the Z Games will be 17.06.2020

As some of you may be aware, We decided to take a break from the ZWOW due to the lack of participants for the past few weeks.
We had this plan in place during the warmer months so we will be looking to do a ZWOW once a month for June July and August!

I hope this will keep the buzz going and for anyone who is planning to do the ZWOW as always spread the word and keep sharing our page between like-minded friends and family.

As always we will post the details for the ZWOW before the event so keep a lookout for this, As this will be once a month we will make it a good one don’t worry!!
Any ideas or suggestions let us know.

I hope this gives you all a bit more of an idea for the next 3 months and then we will evaluate monthly to see what the turn out is like.

Keep pushing and keep safe !