Z Games the perfect Autumn/Winter training!

ZGAMES has come back and we are here to stay for the Autumn and Winter months to get you and your training ready for the next year of races.

2020 has been an insanely crazy year and I think we can all agree that indoor training has taken a big part in keeping everyone training in harsh times. what we want to achieve at ZGAMES is to keep the races manageable and not too time-consuming so you know you can fit in a nice race that comprises of the disciplines that you want to work on and working to a transition time that can help with working on this as much as you can in a relaxed environment.

As Zwift is forever expanding and growing to make it more manageable to the groups and clubs we hope this will help us at ZGAMES to grow and make the user experience easier but we will keep the process simple as in you race the race and upload your strava activity/zwift power profile and that’s that nice and easy.

If you have any questions or comments or ideas please feel free to shout out on the Facebook pages or get in touch on the website. we are here to help and improve to make sure you have a great experience during the ZGAMES ZWOW.

Luckily the Duathlon race series is always on all year round on Saturday and Sunday for everyone to join.you can find this on the zwift companion app and the events page.

We look forward to you all racing over the coming months and that we can be the extra bit of training or “race day ” that will help you to a successful 2021 season!

Keep safe and keep on zwifting!