Z Games

What is Z Games?

Different format of racing on Zwift, aimed at Duathlon (Run, Bike, Run) and Triathlon (Row, Bike, Run) competitors.

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How does it work?

We use two formats:
1. Complete for Time
2. Complete for Distance

And we are naming the races ZWOW, as in Z Workout of the Weekend / Wednesday.

We are starting with two races per week:
1. Wednesday race
2. Weekend race

The events have a time cap, from the start of the first event until the finish time of the last event.

The disciplines have to be completed in order: Run 1, Bike, Run 2 for Duathlon or Rowing, Bike, run for Triathlon, if not stated otherwise.

Example: Triathlon ZWOW, complete for distance: 25 minute row on a specific course, 1 hour bike on a specific course, 30 minute run. Time to complete from the start of the first event until the finish of the last event: 2 hours and 20 minutes.
It leaves you enough time for the transitions and tech issues (pairing, etc.).
The distances from all 3 events will be added together in meters, and farther you get, better your result overall.
For complete for time events, it’s the other way around, how much time it took you to complete the required distances.

Are there Zwift events for this races?

No. You can complete the ZWOW any time on Wednesday or the weekend in your local time, with the limitation of cut off time for all 3 events together.

Do I need to sign-up for the race in any way?

Not sign-up, but you’ll need to send your results via a form, which includes your name, Zwiftpower.com profile link and the link to the 3 Strava activities.

Triathlon: rowing must either include a photo of your PM5 or a similar monitor on the Strava link (add photo) or we’ll take into account the Zwift distance and add 30% time/distance penalty, to accommodate FTP boost.

Please note: your Strava public must either be public or you have to manually set the activities to be public. But please note, if you set only specific activities public, the pictures aren’t public! Which can cause issues with Triathlon (rowing part, PM5 screen images!).

What about drafting?

Well, we prefer TT bike choice for rowing and cycling part, but we can’t neither check or enforce that, so it’s up to you to play a fair game.

We do however check if the cycling data is aligned with your Zwiftpower.com profile.

When will the ZWOWs be published?

For Wednesday we’ll publish the ZWOW on Tuesdays evenings CET.
For the weekends we’ll publish the ZWOW on Fridays evenings CET.

I don’t have a treadmill, but I have a rower, can I run outside?

Yes! Only requirement is: no downhill runs.

Is HR monitor mandatory?

Yes! That way we know you didn’t do the run part for example from your couch, setting the treadmill to a nice pace.