Duathlon Results 11th and 12th of April 2020

Another weekend of Zwift racing has come to an end, it is now time to reflect on the results and lead up to when you race next time, how will you attack the bike. Can you push a little more on the run?

More importantly, did you enjoy it? For me 100% even with a few hiccups including a 2-minute penalty for being too fast on the run, probably the only time I am happy to receive a penalty for speeding!

There is an ever-growing community being molded in the group and that is nice too, from organized help to make sure you make the cut for the next discipline. Giving advice tips and just overall guidance is awesome.

Reading through the comments on the group is making me realize that there are some very exceptional athletes coming to the party who clearly have some serious racing pedigree in their disciplines, for me that moves me forward and shows me that if out of everything we are facing right now in these tough times, we are all equal when we take away the titles and we can race together on a platform.

So, to the results:

Great news, there is now an age category-specific results table along with the overall. This will give you a good idea for next time who you may need to push against a little more to creep up in the rankings.

A few penalties (including myself) if you hit the run penalty it’s time to make the move up “pain is temporary pride is forever”

DQ’S hopefully these are down to more of technical issues and the luck is with you next weekend.

If you want to improve your time, it’s simple… come back next week and smash your previous time! Even better tell people about the duathlon series, share the page write a post whatever it is let’s get more people involved in what is growing to be an amazing online experience. How soon can we get to 1k members?

Any feedback, comments or questions are always welcome, between all the members, we get some great advice to help out with those tricky problems you may face.

From me, I thank you all for your support and personally thank Aleš for what he does behind the scenes to keep this running flawlessly week in week out.

Have a great week and look forward to racing you all again next weekend.

Stay safe and Run/Ride On!

Update, April 13th: results updated to reflect results of Jackson Parrill ~ TriGuy805, the “~” is causing issue with VLOOKUP formula.