Duathlon Zwift Race Series

It’s here. It’s live.

Welcome to Duathlon Zwift Race Series!

Some final information is still work in progress, such as running courses (can’t be May Field for at least the first week, due to an undisclosed bug), so it’s subject to change.

Everything else should be there. Should be.

So head over to Series info & rules or do you want to sign up for Team Relay?

We also have a Facebook page, Zwift Duathlon.

Do you have to sign up for the race(s)? Only for the team relay, as we need to match the people together. And give them fancy team names.
For individuals, there is no need to sign up, we’ll match the names in Zwiftpower.com for each part (Run 1, Bike, Run 2). But that means you have to register on Zwiftpower.com and opt-in via Zwift.com in your profile! Otherwise, you won’t show in results and all your hard work goes away!
How to register and opt-in (instructions): Link 1Link 2.